Kurucum dehydrated food company is manufacturer of dried fruits and vegetables. Our main products are;
Dried Fruits,
Dried vegetables,
Dried foods,
Dried precooked products.
History of Kurucum Food;
The idea of ​​establishing the Kurucum brand was first established in 2007 by Eksis Industrial Drying Systems Machinery Ltd. We also started with industrial drying machines until the establishment of Kurucum Food the last five years in the sector as the pioneer in the production and sales of drying systems in this area of ​​our knowledge and experience in the day we have increased our experiment. We are working with all the authorities to provide dried food products suitable for the satisfaction of our customers in every process from packaging to consumption, from the fact that the risks involved in natural drying methods and the applications made in this respect are not suitable enough.
our vision;
Dried fruit and vegetables and be the leader company in World.
Our mission;
Providing the best service in the dried fruit and vegetable sector with our innovative work and our future investments by offering the best quality product at the best price without sacrificing quality and health by adopting the principle of respecting and honest service to our customers.
Our values;
Honestly transparent and ethical,
Respectful to the living,
Customer focused.