Kurucum food company is a group member of EKSIS INDUSTRIAL DRYING SYSTEMS MACHINERY MANUFACTURER. Eksis machine company is our technology partner for drying and cutting systems. For manufacturing good quality dried fruits and vegetables we are using different drying and manufacturing methods;

For preparation of drying;
We are using different washing and cutting systems for manufacturing good quality dried products according to customer demands. Different cutting types can be use at manufacturing for example; slice, cubic, chips, julian cutting systems we have. Also we have boiling machine for precooked dried products manufacturing.

Main drying methods are;
we are manufacturing our dried products using vacuum drying, tray drying, flash drying, heat pump and rotary drying methods due to product and product type.

Powder and granule vegetable and fruits manufacturing;
To manufacture different sizes of dried products after drying we are using different cutting systems, sieves and crushing systems.

For packaging;
we are using craft doypack packing machines and for wholesale craft bags and PE bags according to customer request.