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What is Cheese powder, How is it Produced ?

Dried cheese is dried form of fresh cheese. After drying, product is crushed by a miller. Fresh cheese contains about 80% water before it is dried. The rate of water in the fresh product dried by drying is reduced to very low values. About 1 kg of dry cheese is obtained by using approximately 5 kg of cheese as a drying result. During drying the water in the product evaporates and the product remains its own part. For this reason, dry cheese nutritional values, especially carbohydrates, vitamins, protein, fat, such as the rates have increased too much.

Where is Cheese powder Used?

Cheese powder is available in the following areas.

It is used in ready-made soup,

It is used in dessert, pudding and chocolate,

It can be used in products such as cookies, crackers and cakes,

Cheese Powder Wholesale Price How Much?

Cheese powder is a wholesale product of our company. cheap, quality Cheese Powder can be purchased from our company.

Cheese Powder prices are updated in our monthly price list every month as long as they are in stock. You can get the current TL-kg price by mailing to We will contact you if you fill out the order form to buy or to buy the Wholesale Cheese Powder price. Online shopping for your retail

Cheese Powder Where To Buy, How Can I Buy?

We send the cheese powder to your address with a box, packet or stub with your agreed cargo.

Important Note: The photographs, nutritional values, benefits and approximate waste rates used in the presentation of the product are written by compiling the data and sources that the site was prepared for the first time. Your future product may differ due to product type, drying technique and other factors.